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I love your face!

Ever since I started drawing faces of everyday people, I have caught myself examining each one I see. Noses, wrinkles, double chins, high cheekbones, facial hair, it's all amazing. I have not seen a face that I didn't like.

At events, I will invite people to have their portrait done and sometimes they react like they don't like their face and certainly would not want it captured in a portrait. For the most part I get it. I'm not fan of my own face most days, I see myself aging, notice all the flaws. I am getting over it though.

There are so many faces I have seen that I have wanted to draw/paint. I imagine myself walking up to them and saying, "I love your face, can I take your picture?" Then I imagine people looking back at me like I am a weirdo, so I don't even dare - but I need to!!

Therefore let me tell you here and now the I LOVE YOUR FACE! Perhaps I will walk up to you one day and ask to take your picture, or send you a link to this post and ask if I can capture your image somehow. And if you say yes, it will make my day.

This coming year my goal is to draw/paint 1,000 faces. This will give me the opportunity to learn and develop my skills and style. I hope you will consider being a part of this adventure of mine.