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Changing the World - One Face at a Time

Updated: Jun 9

During the day I work in a non-profit organization. I use my creativity to tell the stories of the people we walk alongside in hopes that an audience will be inspired to share some of their hard-earned dollars with us so we can sustain our services and continue providing life-changing support.

When I'm not at work, I'm avoiding household and social responsibilities by drawing, painting, filming, editing, and of course, watching the big screen while playing games on the small screen. I am a modern woman in modern times.

I discovered that a partner organization has a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. I signed up to fundraise $1,000 to help provide dignity and services to people experiencing poverty and homelessness. In the barrel that is local poverty and homelessness, my efforts are just 1 drop but with everyone else's drops, we can do something great.

Now when it comes to raising funds, I've done the marathon, the walk-a-thon, the 5K run, and more but this time I wanted to be more personal. I wanted to do something other than sweat. I approached a carnival about setting up a live portrait tent at their market and they eagerly agreed. So, this coming weekend I will be drawing faces and accepting donations for a great cause.

I am pairing my passion with my challenge because providing a unique experience and a memento is one way to share the joy of giving to others - even if the contribution is small, those feelings are big.

Here are the details:

Sustainival - Green Carnival June 8th - 11th, 2023

I will be in the market:

Friday, June 9th from 12 - 8

Saturday, June 10 from 4 - 8

Sunday, June 11 from 12 - 8

I'm requesting a minimum donation amount of $10 per face and I hope to draw at least 100 faces to raise $1,000.

If you can't come down for a portrait or didn't see this until after the event but still want to help, the campaign goes until June 22, 2023. You can make a donation using this code:

Or this link: am really looking forward to this portrait-drawing-extravaganza and will make sure my next post shares all the wonderful images I can capture. I'm also looking forward to meeting my fundraising goal and adding my drop to the barrel.


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