It's 2018 and my artwalk goal is to draw/paint 1000 faces.


I should be averaging 3 portraits each day or 19 each week. I do live portraits at events so my weekly progress (or lack of progress) will be balanced out by weekends where I might draw 40 faces in one go.

This challenge is an exercise in improvement and focus as practice is a fundamental of growth.

Follow #1000faceshallenge on instagram to watch my progress. I will tally my progress in a blog post at the end of each month.

Today’s #portrait inspired by a photo by _by_krizgonzalez #1000facechallenge . ._._._
New Years #portrait inspired by _ashedmo photo at #unsplash . ._._._
My sister-in-law wanted to change up her #hairdo - your wish is my command #1000facechallenge . ._._
Louisa waited for someone to come and talk to her - it was a party after all. #grizzly #1000facechal
Created emotion - inspired by #vintagephotography found on #pinterest #1000facechallenge . ._._._
It is a little more difficult for me to capture the people I know - my niece attempt 1 . ._._._
Super cute little #commission piece -also counts as 4 faces towards my #1000facechallenge - yay! . .
Really happy with today’s study inspired by #vintagephotography I found on #Pinterest . ._._._
Gearing up for my 2018, 1000 Face challenge - see my website if you want to read the challenge. #fac